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About William N. Walker

On the night of August 15, 1971, William N. Walker was Deputy Director of The White House Office of consumer Affairs. Like other Americans, he watched President Nixon’s address to the Nation on television having no inkling that Nixon would announce the wage/price freeze. The next morning, he read in the newspaper on his way to work that his boss, Virginia H. Knauer, special Assistant to the President for Consumer Affairs, had been named a member of the Cost of Living Council. He attended the dramatic first meeting of the Council in the Roosevelt Room with Mrs. Knauer and was present at most of the meetings which followed. He became a member of a small “deputies group” made up of the senior staff of the Cabinet-level Council members which prepared agendas and staff papers for Council meetings.

In August 1972, Mr. Walker became General Counsel of the Cost of Living Council. He was deeply involved in the termination of Phase II and the planning and implementation of Phase III. In June 1973, when the President ordered a new freeze, Mr. Walker chaired the staff committee which oversaw the planning for Phase IV. At the height of the crisis brought about by the Arab oil embargo Mr. Walker became General Counsel of the Federal Energy Office which had respon¬sibility not only for the petroleum price control regulations but also for new petroleum allocation regulations which attempted to ration the shortages.

Later, in 1974, after President Ford assumed office, Mr. Walker became Director of the Presidential Personnel Office. On June 6, 1975, he was sworn in as Deputy Special Representative for Trade Negotiations and for the next two years served as Ambassador and Head of the U.S. Delegation to the Multilaterial Trade Negotiations in Geneva.

Mr. Walker now runs his own business development and financial consulting company in New York and resides in White Plains NY. He may be contacted at

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